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About Us

At Five Best Movers we believe in certain standards in moving and storage industry and want to provide you with one of the most user-friendly ways of finding the best moving and storage companies in various cities across Canada. We review and select five of the best moving and storage companies in many Canadian cities, solely based on our own assessment and various relevant factors, for listing and displaying on our website for your convenience. We rank these companies based on their experience, professionalism, pricing strategy and commitment to transparency, and provide you with all the relevant information you need to contact them directly.

We are passionate about finding the best moving and storage companies for you in the simplest manner possible. This is why we stringently review well rated and reliable moving and storage companies before listing them on our website.

However, dissatisfaction with the services of listed companies can still occur, and as we are only providing you with an indirect medium of getting in touch with these companies - we do not hold responsibility or liability for less than savoury dealings or experiences with these companies. After all, you are directly contacting these companies and we don’t consider it necessary to involve ourselves further in your dealings beyond providing you with a website link and basic information on their services. 

We do not guarantee our findings and assessment of the moving and storage companies listed on our website to be 100% accurate at all times. If there is a company you think should or should not be listed on our website, please contact us with your feedback for our further review. This helps us maintain higher standards of companies listed on our website and helps you, the customer, stay protected and have your voice heard.